Sigi Feigl

Groznjan is a very special place! And I think everybody recognices this the first moment when somebody drives up the hill and enters the „city". My first time had been 1984, being here for some 14 days as a student of the "Summer Jazz School" - and since the first day Groznjan left an important stamp on my ongoing life, both - musically and personally.
Spending my first weeks in 1984. as a jazz-student I was very happy being called back in the year 2000. One of the most important musicians in Croatian jazz history (if not THE! most important) Bosko Petrovic asked me for taking part in the teachers and festival performers lineup for the now called „Jazz is back" festival. So I had the chance for some years regularly working (actually in Groznjan I would not call it working ...) there, and even intensify my love with this place. It also gave me the chance to create and found a nowerdays very prestigious ensemble - the HGM Jazzorkestar Zagreb, which has it's definit origin in Groznjan.
Thanks to the ongoing engagement and support of Jeunesses Muscales Croatia (more than 40 years already) in Groznjan and - as Mr. Petrovic unfortunately passed away in January 2011 - the very sensitive and spirit-keeping work of the new artistic director of „Jazz" in Groznjan Mr. Neven Franges, I'm sure that a tremendeous amount of people - students, professional musicians, audience, etc... - will enjoy the beauty and energy of this very special place - Groznjan!



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