01.08. 2011. Maaike den Dunnen European Quintet

Maaike van Dunnen - vocal, Andreas Marinello - sax, Tuomo Uusitalo - piano, Norbrt Farkas - bass, Olehg Markov - drums

Maaike den Dunnen European Quintet
The MDEQ was formed during the members' studies at the University of Music and Performing Arts in Graz (Austria). Instantly, the band enjoyed playing together and developing their sound, which not only continues to inspire each of its member, but also awes their audiences old and new. Soon they reached the stages of Jazzclub Stockwerk and The Orpheum Theatre (Graz) and were asked to open a concert of the Dena DeRose Trio (NYC singer-pianist). With only 4 bands chosen in all of Europe, the MDEQ has been accepted to perform this July at the North Sea Jazz Festival (Rotterdam, Holland) in the EBU European Jazz Competition 2011.Maaike den Dunnen (vocals, compositions, arrangements), Andreas Marinello (saxophones), Tuomo Uusitalo (piano), Norbert Farkas (double bass) and Oleg Markov (drums). Together they form one of the most promising, young, and talented groups in the European jazz-scene.



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