16.07. Jurković - Uhlir – Helešic Trio

Charlie Jurkovich - Guitar, Frantisek Uhlir - bass, Jaromir - drums

Darko Charlie Jurkovic from Rijeka has long been performing with two fantastic Czech musicians, versatile veterans of European and world scene, bassist Frantisek Uhlir, and Jaromir Helešic, an excellent drummer, who we met last year in an outstanding performance within the Prague-Vienna Connection. Charlie has repeatedly been awarded the title of the best guitarist in Croatia, has played all over Europe, has performed solo, skillfully using the "two hands tapping" technique that we have seen only by Stanley Jordan yet, sometimes playing two guitars simultaneously. Charlie has a beautiful sense of lines and counterpoints; together with these two experienced and excellent Czech musicians, we see a brilliant concert ahead of us.

Jurkovic - Uhlir - Helesic Trio
Charlie Yurkovich - Guitar, Frantisek Uhlir - bass, Jaromir - drums




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