13.07. Tamara Obrovac & Matija Dedić Trio

Zvonimir Šestak- bas, Krunoslav Levačić - bubnjevi

On the occasion of Tamara and Matija's new collaboration, last year we wrote:

"This concert is a collaboration of excellent and multiple award winning artists, both with successful separate careers that periodically meet, Tamara Obrovac and Matija Dedić with his trio. Tamara Obrovac has found the key to transforming the unique Istrian music into the music that speaks to the world. Her rather personal singer-songwriter blend of jazz, ethno, pop and funk has positioned her as the authentic voice of Croatia, Istria and also the Mediterranean on a world scale. Contrasted with the emphatically jazzy introspective but energetic approach to the piano of Matija Dedić, they will surely make an excellent and fascinating performance."

Indeed, Tamara and Matija with his trio simply thrilled the audience with their thoughtfulness and humour combined, giving us a concert to remember. Therefore, there is no better way to open this year's Jazz is Back Festival and we believe it will be an unforgettable one.

Tamara Obrovac - vocals
Matija Dedić - piano
Zvonimir Sestak - bass
Krunoslav Levačić - drums





Umberta Gorjana 3



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Adresa Trg S. Radića 4,
10000 Zagreb, Croatia


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