28.07.2014. CONCERT FOR BP featuring GEORGIE FAME

Primož Grašič, Mario Mavrin, Luis Bonilla, Karlheinz Miklin, Lasse Lindgren, Elvis Stanić, Neven Frangeš…


Ever since Boško Petrović left us, the festival has a new tradition - a concert dedicated to its founder, who was not only a great director and organizer, but above all a brilliant musician and composer, animator, artist who spread the word about the Croatian jazz around the world, and therefore contributed in promoting the Croatian jazz to a higher level.


We will hear Boško's friends and associates, and from Sweden for this concert will come Boško's and our friend, Georgie Fame, known in pop music, but above all for his brilliant and distinctive jazz interpreter refined style, a who released an album with Primož Grašič and Mario Mavrin. On the concert will also perform the members of the Groznjan jazz team, and many of them were collaborating with Boško.


They will perform music that Boško wrote, and also some music that Boško liked.




Umberta Gorjana 3



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